Showing Your Love to Your Boyfriend

Are you worried that your boyfriend doesn’t think you love him? Follow these steps to a happy relationship.

  1. Show your love with the three simple words “I Love You”.However, know that “actions speak louder than words”.
  2. Don’t nag (i.e. complain / whine / cry without reason).
  3. Do not use emotional blackmail.
  4. Psychological warfare in a relationship will be met with a swift kick to the curb.
  5. Do not smother your significant other.
  6. Don’t use sex as a weapon; the carrot and the stick method isn’t going to do you any favors.
  7. Be honest.
  8. Have fun together.
  9. Give him a break once in a while.
  10. Allow him time to do things he enjoys with or without your company.
  11. Remember that a relationship is a two-way street. It’s not all about you or him. It’s about the both of you. Compromise.
  12. Don’t bring up arguments/fights that are older than 1 week unless they were serious (to both of you).
  13. Don’t expect him to remember everything all of the time.
  14. If you don’t dress sexy (to him), don’t be upset when he checks out women he finds attractive.
  15. Be sexually adventurous.
  16. Don’t use his toothbrush or his razor.
  17. Pick up after yourself. The drain plug is not a collection point for your hair, for example.
  18. Be self-sufficient. Fix some things yourself and maintain some independence in your life. You’re not married yet.
  19. If he doesn’t want children, don’t bring the topic up every chance you get. When he’s ready for that he’ll let you know.
  20. If you’re in his car, don’t tell him how to drive or mess with the radio. If you’re in your car, then you set the rules in turn.
  21. Don’t insist on re-decorating his apartment/house. Again with the “not married yet deal”.
  22. Accept the fact that you’re not the only woman in his life; he may have female friends who he had long before you. If you start sniping at these women they will ensure that they will be there long after you’re gone.
  23. Can the jealousy.
  24. Lose the obsession.
  25. Drop the nosey behavior.
  26. Make him feel appreciated.
  27. Tell him what you expect.
  28. Tell him how you feel.
  29. Tell him what you don’t want.
  30. Men are not mind-readers. In addition to that, vague hints will likely not garner the results you were hoping for.
  31. If you need your boyfriend to do something immediately, convey the importance and timeliness of the request. If you don’t, it will get done when he feels like it.
  32. Do not edit his wardrobe. Most women would be devastated if their man threw out a favorite outfit or pair of shoes.
  33. If you call him while he’s out with his friends, don’t keep him on the phone longer than 5 minutes.
  34. You may hate his friends. He might not like yours either.
  35. If you have a hot girlfriend who flirts shamelessly, it’s probably not a good idea to bring her around. If you do bring her around, don’t be upset when you find out she’s sitting on his lap and is flirting with your man. He probably assumes you knew about and/or anticipated her behavior and won’t mind that he’s “making friends with your friends”.
  36. Don’t have his dog fixed.
  37. Don’t take his dog.
  38. Don’t buy him a pet.
  39. Don’t steal the blankets at night.
  40. Try not to cut off all circulation in his arms and legs while you sleep together.
  41. Keep your cold feet to yourself unless you’re trying to initiate something.
  42. Valentine’s Day is evil. If he loves you he’ll get you something, but don’t get put out if you don’t get diamonds and your best girlfriend does. It’s not a competition.
  43. Don’t ask to borrow his car.
  44. Never call his Mother to tell her something he did that made you mad.
  45. Beer and mustard are completely acceptable inhabitants of a man’s fridge.
  46. Stay out of his cell phone, email, Myspace, Facebook, and so on. Snooping is not appreciated.
  47. Rub his head.
  48. Don’t pick fights.

source: Wikihow




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