How to Win Your Man Back

Did something go wrong between you and your man? If you were well on your way to being a happy couple and then fell off track somehow, don’t give up. You can win your man back.

1-Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  •  Is the matter important enough to warrant an argument?
  • Is it appropriate to argue about the matter, or at this time?
  •  Can anything be changed, made different by prevailing in the argument?
  • Is the issue worth arguing about?

If you answer, “No.” to any of these questions, the matter is not worth pressing. Tell yourself this. Know that there’s no wrong way to love someone, go after what you want it may workout in the long run, but that’s only if the person feels the same.

2-Stop caring about how people perceive you. The fact is, it really doesn’t matter. It’s impossible to be yourself when you’re caught up in wondering “Do they think I’m funny? Does she think I’m fat? Do they think I’m stupid?” To be yourself, you’ve got to let go of these concerns and just let your behavior flow, with only your consideration of others as a filter—not their consideration of you.

3-Act like there is something more important you could be doing at the moment. Find something else to do or to care about: We care about things not by their absolute importance, but by their relative importance in our lives. If you find something else to take front stage in your life, then other things will naturally take the backstage.

4-Develop and express your individuality. Whether it’s your sense of style, or even your manner of speaking, if your preferred way of doing something strays from the mainstream, then be proud of it.

5-Keep an emotional distance, too. Mentally take yourself out of the situation. Let it be somebody else’s problem.

6-Word Power: What you say and how you say it are two very important factors in exuding class. Always speak at a soft to moderate tone. A loud talker can seem too forceful and may make others feel intimidated. If you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all! Cursing excessively is also inappropriate, many people find it very unattractive.

7-Behave. It’s fun to be in a party and dance a lot, but that’s not always classy behavior. If you’re at a party, the classy behavior is to socialize, but speak calmly, not monopolizing all the attention.

8-Smile. Classy people must always seem to be in a good mood. Show that your life goes on.

9-Learn to recognize when a discussion is no longer a discussion, but is escalating to an argument: Raised voices, flushed face or neck, hairs on the back of your neck stand up, feeling defensive. A good mutual discussion involves both sides listening and attempting to understand each other.

10-Analyze what happened and think about the reasons you still care, then think about the reasons why you shouldn’t care.

11-Avoid desperate behavior like the plague. This is the kiss of death for the classy person. Only desperate times call for desperate measures. Take a deep breath, be strong, and move through the situation with elegance and grace. You will be the victor for it, no matter the outcome.

12-Take some time to reflect on your own life. What improvements can be made? Be honest with yourself. Have you been selfish? Demanding? Argumentative? Angry? Jealous?

13-Change your ways. Once you’ve figured out what you may have done wrong in the relationship, resist the urge to call the ex and show off your new found self-realization. Actions speak louder than words. Just be the new improved self, and word will spread.

14-Look and feel your best. Get your nails and hair done. Take a nice warm bubble bath, and pick out a nice outfit.

15-Be sure of yourself. Assertiveness and self-confidence are naturally attractive to most people. Showing your guy you’re capable of being happy is appealing and brings a natural desire.

16-Walk away. If you’ve tried to figure out why this person is targeting you, and can find no reason, tried to joke with them to no avail, and they’re still bent on humiliating and insulting you, just leave. And until they pick a new target (and they will), avoid them.


  • Don’t take it personally.
  • Don’t insult them back. It just adds fuel to the fire.
  • Keep a too positive attitude through everything; it looks like you don’t care about the whole situation. Don’t pass negative comments about what the person is saying, because that shows that you do, indeed, care.
  • In order for this to work, you MUST remain calm, cool and collected.
  • Remember that happiness is the key to value. Enjoy your life as much as you can and make the best out of every situation. Finding happiness is the definition of success in life

source: Wikihow


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