Do You Need to Wear a Bra?

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You might not like wearing a bra, but unless you’ve got the same chest you did when you were 12, chances are you need to wear one. Not only does it make your clothes look as though they fit properly by lifting “the girls” a little higher in the air, but it’s better for the muscles around your breast tissue. They even have a name: Cooper’s ligaments, and the name of the game is to stop them from stretching too much that you have extreme sag. So while you might feel like you don’t want to wear a bra, in most instances, you still need to do so.


Women need to wear a bra for more than just assurance that their shirts don’t give away everything that’s underneath. A bra provides support for the breasts to stave off sagging and stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments, which are the ligaments around the breasts that not only help with contour, but also with lift as well. So while you can get away without it, it isn’t advisable if you don’t want to deal with saggy breasts down the road.


The fashionable side of wearing a bra is the fun part of it. Bras come in so many different styles and colors, it’s almost as much fun as shopping for your wardrobe in general. Sure, you need a few basics: at least one white, beige and black. But after you fulfill that basic minimum, then have some fun. Try out wild prints, bright colors and funky patterns. From zebra print to cherry red lace to polka dots, there is no limit to your bra style.


The right fit for a bra is key to making sure that the garment fulfills its purpose. If you have spillage out of the sides or from the bottom, then not only will the bra feel uncomfortable, but those extra lumps and bumps may show through your top. The cardinal rule for all savvy fashionistas is to try the bra on before you leave the store with it and always keep a well-stocked lingerie drawer of various bras to ensure that have several that fit perfectly.


Should you dare to go without a bra, make sure that the shirt you choose to do it with covers all of your assets … particularly if they are ample. Even if you are not super well-endowed up top, you may still show more than you thought you would when you go braless. Don’t believe us? Pose for a quick pic with a friend when you are going braless, and chances are you will be able to see quite a bit showing through underneath your top, especially if it’s cold.

Limitless Bra Wearing Ways


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