Dear Papa

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Dear Papa,

Papa, I know that it wasn’t your choice to leave me here all alone by myself. It was our fate and destiny, but actually it was hard for me to cope with it. I was 23 when you left, yet I acted like a little girl who needed her papa to take care of her.

 I was devastated by your sudden departure to the extent that I couldn’t deal with it. It felt like the end of the world and that I would never ever be happy once more. I was friendless and I had to deal with this world and its problems on my own. I really needed your presence right by my side to assure me and to tell me “it’s okay; I know you can do it “. But actually what I kept wishing for didn’t come true. So I ended up wasting 5 years of my life mourning your loss papa till I, eventually, realized that you will never come back and I’d better accept this harsh and bitter truth.

By the time I accepted this truth, I found out that I have already gained myself other losses. My girl friends were getting married, having babies, getting their masters’, having successful careers, and so on and so fourth. They were dreaming and their dreams came to life.

I was the only one who hasn’t moved an inch forward and I realized that it’s time for me to shake off the drama and get a move on and start doing something with my useless life. I felt like I must mean something to someone even if this someone was myself. As a result, I continued my education till I had a PhD in fine arts; consequently, beginning my career as a painter. I started painting all over the world in Vienna, New Delhi, London, Los Angles, Rio Digennaro, Cairo, Havana, and Sydney; thus, making my dream of travelling the world come true. My paintings were exhibited in art galleries everywhere. I even met “my prince charming”.

 I want you to know that I am not the person I used to be and that I have learned my lesson; yet, my love to you still remains untouched. I still remember you every second of every day. I feel like you are still around.

Papa, I love you and I still miss you like hell, but I can deal with your absence for you are always present in my heart and mind.


Your little princess.

Witten by: Sara EL-Naggar

  1. Thumbs up sara 😀
    It is touchy, I could hear her voice and her tone of sorrow, I liked the shorted sentences it reflects her agitated emotions, there are some great sentences as “my love to you still remains untouched” its a poetic one, plus “it’s time for me to shake off the drama and get a move on…” , “I felt like I must mean something to someone even if this someone was myself” and others..
    also the embedded quote has a strong voice, the way you ended the whole words I liked it, using the word “Papa” not dad or any other synonyms is also nice.
    While reading I felt this sentence “yet I acted like a little girl”; she is an adult girl yet her voice while talking to her father is a childish one. the idea that she conquered the situation by achieving her dream of being a painter is lovely, anyone could get a lesson from it. Great work Sara, keep up the good work.

  2. Good Work Saraa 😉 keep it up

  3. nice work sara msa <3<3<3

  4. yomna metwally

    msa sassoooo gr8 article gurl keep it up …really u r amazin 🙂 (K) ❤

  5. sara el naggar

    thnx all wallhi u hve made my day XD

  6. Well Done ya SaRa…GREAT job..
    i really liked it soooooooo.
    ma sha2 Allah Allahoma Barek

    keep goin young lady 😀

  7. Aalaa A. Hussein

    Too proud coz the writer is one of me nice colleagues 🙂 . It’s amazing ya Sara . In such topics , the author has to stress feelings and ur words are heartfelt . Go on ya So 🙂 & best of luck ❤

  8. im real happy cause i lived and showed my little sister a keen shine as adults and despite your age …….. You are a great creative >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    God bless you sarah

  9. sara el naggar

    thnx all wallahi thz means alot 2 me 😀

  10. u r the best ya sue walhy…bgd 3asgbtny awi awi,w bgd far7ana awi 3lshank 🙂 🙂 it’s amazing and u must keep it up..plz keep it up

    • sara el naggar

      fawziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii big thx for u grl wallahi far7tk bia di ma3naha kbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer awiiiiiiii blnsbally 😀 love u awiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my sue 😉

  11. merci ya sara ya gmela 🙂

  12. Words can be the shelter to which one can resort whenever one feels it’s too hard to bear the calamity of losing the dearest person whose love and care helped one through whatever adversities and difficulties. But more importantly, following this shock is to find yourself because no one will be able to help you except yourself. Getting the best out of oneself is much harder than swimming with the current and surrending to the couse of life.

    • sara el naggar

      Rasha bgd i believe al mafrod a5af mnk nw cuz bsm allah masha2 allah ur words are soooooooooooo true and so to the point w touchy btw 😀 thnx for ur nice words

  13. lovely words Sara , ,
    you’ve touched my heart in a special way by writing those words . . keep it up girl 🙂

  14. 3aaaaash ya sara 3agabetny awiiii , kwayes en lessa feh nas fakraa en baba zay mama w mesh mama hya elly btet3ab bas , kamelly w lessa feh a7san , i luv it , good work 😀 😀

  15. sara bgd touching gaya 3al gar7 😀 😀 bas nice work bgd

  16. REALLY talented do you Know that stories are considered one of the sharpest tools for learning….keep up the good work

    • sara el naggar

      Nashwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😀 ana kont lesa f srtk 2day ma3a Lina 😀 bgd w a7na bntklm 7aset ad aeh anty wa7shaniiiiiiiiiiiii 😀 miss u w glad tht u hv read my piece and enjoyed it 😀 thnx grl

  17. very nice work

  18. saraa… wow.. msa.. i’m surprised 🙂 i didn’t know that u wright.. i like ur style, words, and emotions.. the story is touching…
    wish u luck hunny 😉

  19. wow!!!! love it as much as i love you ❤

  20. Sara ! It’s very touching , I love it’s significance , and the shift you made from despair to hope was pretty well made ! it’s emotional and at the same time realistic , it shows that ” life must go on ” but it still it digs deep in the heart that still loves and still remembers ! Well done Sara ! keep it up ! 🙂

  21. Go ahead ,Sara. Do not stop 🙂 ))))

  22. Sara, I want to add that if this is your first piece so you have a bright future of writing =) , just keep READING, WRITING, EDITING & PUBLISHING…

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