Tahrir Square…insurrections from scratch!

Tahrir Square… History of insurrections

Tahrir square, which became one of the most famous squares all over the world ties within its days a lot of great historical events which affected the tailoring of the Egyptian political and social life within the last 120 years.

Tahrir square was established by “Khedewi  Ismail” who admired the “Champs Elysees” square in the French capital ‘Paris‘. ‘Khedewi Ismail’ decided to establish a square in Egypt similar to “Champs Elysees” square in Paris and the new square was called ”El Ismaeleyya’s Square”.

El Ismaeleyya’s Square” became an icon for demonstrations against the British colonization on Egypt because the British military’s camps were located in the square, in the site of Hilton Hotel.

Tahrir Square

In the last years in King Farouk years in leading the Egyptian kingdom, King Farouk established a huge building which was called “Tahreer Building” till now and starting from the first day in this buildings life, Tahreer’s building became a figure for the Egyptian Bureaucracy.

Also, King Farouk ordered to set a base consists of one of the most expensive types of marbles in order to set a statue for “Khedewi Ismail” on the square.

On 25th Jan.1952, El Ismaileyya’s square suffered from huge fire which was called “Cairo’s Fire”.

After the Egyptian military’s coup on 23rd July 1952, “Ismaileyya’s Square” name was changed to Tahrir Square as in evidence that Egyptian population gained their freedom against being governed by “Mohamed Aly’s” family.

In November 1956, “Tahrir Square” was modified from being just a square to fight against injustice, but also it became a place where fighters gather to fight against the aggression on Egypt by England, France and Israel.  Within 1964, “Tahrir Square” was a witness on the first Arabic Committee on the League of Arab States’ building. On 9th June 1967, President Nasser declared his decision to step down from all of his presidential responsibilities. After this declaration, demonstrators went to Tahrir square to request from President Nasser not to implement his decision.

old egyptian news paper

In January 1972, demonstrators accused President Sadat of laziness against the declaration of war on Israel. But in October 1973, all demonstrators went to Tahrir square just to send their greetings to President Sadat because of the unexpected victory in 1973’s war.

President Sadat

The square which was the witness on population’s greetings to Sadat is the same square which crowded population’s cheers against Sadat because of raise in some of goods and commodities prices. “Tahrir square” was like a suitable home to demonstrators to cheer against Sadat’s policies but all sounds in “Tahrir” stopped after Sadat was killed on 6th October 1981. “Quite square”, the best words to describe “Tahrir square” starting from 1981 till 2003. Demonstrators went to Tahrir Square again on 2003 to cheer against the war on Iraq. Since this date, Tahrir carried some small demonstrations for 6th April’s movement and “Kefaya’s Movement” till 25th Jan2011, when the Egyptian youth drew a new way to go through.

Tahrir Square on 25th jan 2011

“فبصرخة شاب سيس  ..  سقط نظام و رئيس”….عمرو قطامش

Amr Yehia

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