Carla Loves Frank

Carla loves Frank

Everyday she carves these words on the golden sand, without permitting him to know, she considers it a big secret that must be secured forever inside the soft reddish part she owns, even her parents are not allowed to read these hearty words. For her youngness, she would be punished; seven-year-girls are too young to say such things of love and sensation. But what has she to do with her fresh feelings?

Three years ago, the buds of her love were planted, when Frank carried her to sit on the swing of their garden, her heart was beating and beating; it was running in a race, once Frank’s hands left her the beating heart slowed down. She remembers that moment when he touched her hand, while building a sandcastle, spontaneously his hand skimmed her delicate skin, her body was electricified, her temperature was over 50, her cheeks and strawberries were alike. She exhaled; trying to calm and collect herself, it was not easy, she tried to hide her tender reaction which she tasted as a heavenly fruit. He noticed the matter or not, she does not know. Then, one day after another, Cupid began to excavate Frank’s love inside her mild heart, the heart that for the first time tastes love and passion, this heart is enchanted with Frank’s love. Carving her deep emotions on sands somehow relieves her, sands listen to her sympathetically and whisper that it will keep her secret. Erasing her words is done before he joins her to play together. On sleeping, thinking does not part from her; a struggle of questions and answers happen: if he saw my words “Carla loves Frank” he would tell my mother, murmur that I am silly, laugh at me or confess that he loves me too. She keeps thinking till sleep conquers her and dreams that living with him is true; the sandcastle they build gathers them together, his warm embrace wraps her up and gives her lasting shelter.

Carla is used to doing all this; revealing her secret to sands, clashing with her thoughts and drawing her future life during sleep. However, all that is nothing, everything is vanished after the scene she saw that morning. Her uncle rushed into the house holding Frank between his arms, the disgusting red was covering him from head to toe, his breath escaped, his heart struck. Carla is nothing but astonished, her instinct forced her to cry yet she could not realize the matter. Her mother dragged her to thrust her inside her room, thus her shouting and screaming were getting louder. She had not witnessed death before. “the driver…hospital…an accident…accelerated car..” just words she picked to get the whole thing. Frank passed away, Frank left her alone, Frank won’t be seen again, Frank won’t play with her, Frank won’t build sandcastles again, Frank won’t… Frank died and her dream died with him, Frank died and everything is buried with him except her words “Carla loves Frank” will live eternally inside her heart.

written by: Abeer Ali

  1. sara el naggar

    abeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer XD bgd mabsotalk awiiiii keep it up fellow writer 😉 XD

  2. Love it 😀 masha2 Allah ,someday u’ll be a gr8 writer in sha2 Allah 🙂

  3. i likeeeeeeeeee <3<3 .. bgd 7elwaa awee ya berooo .. 😉

  4. First, Wow!!!!
    Second, Allahom barek ya Beroooooooo you are a great writer girl msA……….
    Third, I liikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:):):)

  5. thanks all nada, suzy & aya, your comments made me over the moon 😀 😉

  6. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 🙂 msA I luv it awe bgd u made me feel wt Carla feels 🙂 I lived inside ur sensitive story 😉 to7fa bgd

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