A Visitor

Sitting on her bed, gathering those two things she walks on, cuddling them tightly; trying to acquire warmth and security. Lying her head on her knees, her black silky hair sprinkled and covered her, giving her the feel of a warm embrace. Darkness covers her from every corner, every side; as a big grave; however, this grave contains a living body. Every piece of furniture around her talks; chairs, tables, cupboards – even the bed she is sitting on, and no one could hear them except her, but this night, for an unknown reason, they prefered silence. Silence she could hear nothing but silence. He has special sounds that resemble the crying fortnightly moon, or the sound of the dead words she scratches on her shroud sheets.

He is creeping silently as not to let her notice him, a step following the other he opened the door and entered the room, she did not feel him, he continued tiptoeing, putting aside the shadows of darkness as to see her clearly, until he reached her. He unmasked his true face; a face of an ugly devil, a face of an ogre we see in our blackest nightmares. He hisses like a snake, changes in colour like a chameleon, but the best colour for him is darkness’ colour. He has no shadow but a shadowy friend exists who is copied from him; however, he is murkier than him. These two friends never apart, sticking together as a nail attached to a finger. He becomes nearer to her than her breath, penetrating her, reaching the deepest point inside. Then, he built his home; a concrete home ensuring she could unremove it and furnished it with thorns. Planting himself inside her, she started feeling monstrous loneliness.

Many people are around her but no one, a lot of friends but no friend. Loneliness makes her different like the moon among the stars. He harshly isolates her from people to kill her that is what loneliness does for everyone on this blue and green planet. He did not live inside her alone; he planted his shadowy friend “Fear” with him; silent fear who penetrates her deeply and if loneliness agonizes her, he kills her. Every gem excavates the wide desert of her face, makes them happier. Seeking security by embracing herself satisfies them more and more. They are happy. Now, they are finishing their mission of destroying her, and will bury her forever in the surrounding darkness.

Written By: Abeer Ali.
  1. amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ,especially this “. He becomes nearer to her than her breath, penetrating her, reaching the deepest point inside. Then, he built his home” .

  2. you did it again ya bero.. and guess what, you’re getting better ❤

  3. It’s very good Abeer! Well done. Sara sent me the link and at first i had no idea whose piece that was. When I started reading, I was like, “I swear that is Abeer Ali.” :)))

  4. Just Woooooooooooooooooooow! MsA

  5. so amazing berooo keep going bbe 😉

  6. thanks all of u girlz 😀
    I am really glad that u liked it 🙂

  7. Razan Osama Hegab

    how is great ya berooo , i really really really liiiiiiiiike it .. 😀
    “Seeking security by embracing herself satisfies them more and more.”
    you are talented.. 🙂

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